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In these unpredictable LJ days, I'll probably try to be more active on Dreamwidth than on Livejournal. I've not been good at keeping up with dw this far, but I'll probably just have to get used to it. I've been importing my posts there, and I was just wondering about stuff. Obviously a lot of my posts include pictures, i.e. my art posts, and they're mostly hosted in my livejournal scrapbook. Sooo, does anyone know if they get backed up on dreamwidth as well, or if I'll have to find a new place for hosting them? From what little research I did it seemed to me that DW doesn't have that same picture hosting option (although I might be wrong, and if some of you know more about it please let me know!!)

So really, two questions:
- If LJ ends up shutting down or throwing us out, will the pictures in my backed up posts on dw still have them, or do I have to edit all the posts to host the pictures elsewhere? (If so, does anyone have any good tips? I've been using photobucket a bit, but it's so slow and full of ads for me D:)

- For future posting on dw, does anyone know if there's a way to host pictures directly on DW, that I haven't been able to find?

ETA: If I open pictures from a dw post, I get a link like this: -- so it includes the original lj address, but it IS a dreamwidth address.... What does it meaaaan. I'm not very computer savvy.
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