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[ profile] birdsofshore asked me an interesting question when I posted my latest art; are Scorpius and Albus together in my world travels series? Or will they be by the end of it?
At this stage they're definitely not together. Just two super close, codependent bffs travelling the world together and being dorks. But I can't decide whether or not I should get them together? I totally ship Al and Scorpius together, they're one of my favourite ships actually, but I also rather like them as platonic bffs. So I'm making a poll to recruit you guys for helping me out:

[Poll #2010681]

Feel free to elaborate in the comments. Also if you have suggestions as to how it may happen I'm curious to hear them (can't promise I'll use everything, but if it fits my headcanon I might :D).

If the poll turns out to be very close I reserve the right to make the decision ;)
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Let’s talk about Durmstrang

Discussion with maps because I'm a bit of a dork )

Another thing I was thinking about: Say Snape was in fact the master of the Elder Wand when he was killed, would Voldemort have gained its allegiance? Would having Nagini kill Snape truly defeat him? I’m curious.
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I was wondering if someone could clear up some things for me?

Some people have written in their profiles something along the lines of "just friend me if you want to", and some people have sticky posts where you can comment to be friended. I was wondering about those who don't have this. Is it generally okay to just add them?

If I one day want to make a favourites list, can I put peoples fics there with links without asking?


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