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I've signed up for this fest, and I'm super excited! They're currently looking for more artists before they start the claiming of fics, and under art goes every potential non-writing addition to fic, including traditional art, manips, graphics/aesthetics, playlists etc. And I KNOW a lot of you are good at such things :D

Info | Artist signup form | FAQ
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banner by [ profile] capitu

This one's ALWAYS so much fun!! Thanks for doing it, wonderful [ profile] capitu and [ profile] birdsofshore


May. 5th, 2016 09:22 pm
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I signed up for this! Are you gonna?

 photo Tropes Banner Signups_zpsn5inkep0.jpg
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Claiming is now open @ [ profile] hp_drizzle

art by [ profile] digthewriter

Submissions due: August 15th!
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come join [ profile] hp_nextgen_fest!

Art by [ profile] 8c, Banner by [ profile] capitu

Who's excited? I'm excited! Prompting is open, so go over there :D:D
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art by [ profile] catplusfox, banner by [ profile] capitu

I'll have to come back and prompt tomorrow, but so much yay for this! \o/
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Lovely [ profile] dragonstag challenged me for this meme, and I really like this idea. Well done [ profile] praevarus for coming up with it! And it fit really well today, because a fic was posted for the Salt and Pepper fest at [ profile] hp_goldenage for one of my prompt, and it fit perfectly!

1. Find a fanwork that is different from what you normally read. This can be a new genre, pairing, kink, fandom, or even just an author you've never read anything by.
2. Enjoy and leave some comment love for the author/artist.
3. Report back in a post and challenge three other people to do the same.

Read more... )

One thing I've discovered by reading in another fandom is the amount of AU's that's there. It seems like 80% of the 1D fics out there are AUs. Like totally AUs, like Harry is the prince of England and Louis works for a group that handles pr crises (that one was quite good:P). I've never read in Merlin fandom, but from what I've seen it seems like AUs are a big thing there too. Why is that not more of a thing in Harry Potter? Not like Slytherin!Harry AUs, but Muggle AUs where they only keep their personalities and looks and relationships. From the top of my head I can only recall reading two, actually.

Okay, so tags:

[ profile] capitu, [ profile] bloodisshrp and [ profile] nia_kantorka.

Also, here's a pimp for the Salt and Pepper fest:

Salt and Pepper Fest
banner by [ profile] sdkshelly
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Timeline for 2015:
Prompting begins: April 1st
Prompting closes: April 15th
Claiming begins: April 20th
Claiming closes: August 7th
Submission deadline: August 15th
Posting: September 1st

Visit [ profile] hp_drizzle for more info!
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banner by star_sailor13
2015 Smoochfest - Songspiration

Last chance of claiming tonight. Lots of brilliant prompts left! :D
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It's the last day of prompting, people!
Hurry over there :)

[ profile] hrholidays 2014 Holiday Fest!
Prompting begins: October 8th
Claiming begins: October 18
Fanworks due: December 10
Join the community for more info!
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This Halloween...Celebrate the day of the Black Dog

banner by [ profile] chibitoaster

Being hosted at [ profile] sirius_black
Click here for the rules and other info!
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Welcome Back to Hogwarts!
an interactive event, where you compete for
House Points and the House Cup at [ profile] hd_writers!

This event is for writers, artists, and even readers.
There will be something for everyone!

Come get sorted and compete for the House Cup at [ profile] hd_writers!

Earn points for your house by: joining word wars, submitting fest prompts,
participating in events and discussions, visiting the chat, and much more!
(A full list of assignments will be released on or before September 1!)

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Did not make it into [ profile] hd_erised?
Looking for a low-key and fun H/D winter fest?
Not a writer and not an artist but still would love to give and receive holiday gifts?
Can't wait to meet Errol, Romeo, Hedwig and Snapey again?

holidays: winter 2014

Join [ profile] hd_owlpost for this year's Winter Owlpost Exchange!

Ooh, shiny! This looks like fun :)
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Happy birthday, Harry!! I'm a bit late with the pimping, but join the celebration at [ profile] writcraft's journal. Because Harry deserves an awesome birthday weekend! The celebration continues through Sunday 3rd.

Harry Birthday Meme


Jun. 20th, 2014 08:19 pm
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I think this seems really interesting, if a bit scary. But a really great idea!

Share the Good, the Bad and the Ugly
[ profile] hp_concrit_fest
A Harry Potter Fest for Constructive Criticism

Rules & FAQ || Watch [ profile] hp_concrit_fest


And I'm very excited about this:

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[ profile] hd_cliche is hosting a low stress, mini-fest celebrating well-loved cliches in the Harry/Draco Fandom! Our goal is to be as fun and low-maintenance as possible while taking our favorite themes and rolling around in them or giving them a new spin!
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This sounds like fun! And look at the pretty banner :)

Costumes everywhere!
shrieks of laughter fill the air
Happy Halloween!

[ profile] hp_creatures Halloween Fest
Prompting: July 1 - July 15
Claiming: July 20 - September 20
Submission: October 1
Posting: October 15
JOIN [ profile] hp_creatures for more info!


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