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I have a lot of love and fascination for language in general and different British accents in particular, and found this magnificent post on Tumblr about it today. Anyone of you have any particular headcanons there? I'd love to hear. Here's a magnificent excerpt from the post with Sirius accidentally revealing his OTT poshness:

All in all I very much recommend reading it in its entirety here. I was also rather fascinated by the part about Justin Finch-Fletchey and his fall from the elite at Eton to being a Muggleborn at Hogwarts and I wish someone would explore that so I could read!!

and I'm absolutely not taking credit for this, I just didn't have any other meta tags..
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I'm sure this has been discussed before, but I've never read a discussion about it.

How come James Potter became a head boy? He was never a prefect; it was made perfectly clear that Remus Lupin was chosen as prefect for their year. Is it common practice for the headmaster to pick someone who's not a prefect for the job? How come he didn't choose Remus, or someone else from the prefects of the year? What changes had James gone through from 5th to 7th year that made Dumbledore choose him before more obvious candidates? What do you guys think?

I mean, logically I get why Rowling did it that way: In first year Harry came from being the outsider, weird and mistreated, to learn the he was famous! and his parents were heroes! I get that presenting his parents as having been head boy and head girl was a useful plot device. And then obviously later on, gradually showing that maybe James wasn't all that perfect in the end? (Did they reveal that Remus was the prefect in 5th book or earlier?) But how does this fit with canon?

Just really want to hear someone's thoughts about this :)
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Let’s talk about Durmstrang

Discussion with maps because I'm a bit of a dork )

Another thing I was thinking about: Say Snape was in fact the master of the Elder Wand when he was killed, would Voldemort have gained its allegiance? Would having Nagini kill Snape truly defeat him? I’m curious.


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