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Day 13

In your own space, post a rec for at least three fanworks that you did not create. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

So, in the wake of [ profile] hd_erised (which I'm still not finished with, sorry), I could've recced so much! But I'm going to go for two erised recs and one 1d art rec. But I'm just reccing the fest in general too, because what I've read so far has been brilliant, really!
Recs this way )
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There's an amazing fan artist that's popping up on my Tumblr dash from time to time, and I really, really adore their work. The art is so quirky and fun and I really love their distinctive style. So I figured my second May post could be a rec for their work. The artist is captbexx on Tumblr. A lot of the HP stuff is Dramione, which isn't really my pairing tbh, but the art is beautiful. But here are some of my favourites that I've seen:

This one of Draco and his Slytherin crew. I really like the different personalities shining through. And the colouring is gorgeous.

Part one, two and three of a hilarious series of frames with Teddy trying to bond with Draco.

And this gorgeous one of Draco in Quidditch gear.

But really, all their stuff is worth checking out.


That's all. May the fourth be with you.
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I've been doing some browsing at DeviantArt, and here are some of my favourites that I found. The ratings are just set by me, since there aren't a rating system there.

Drarry )

Other characters )

Oops, so many! They are lovely, though :)

banner by [ profile] capitu
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I figured it was I should make a proper rec for this, not just a mention in an flocked post. This artwork was made for my prompt at [ profile] hd_smoochfest, and I'm thrilled!! :DD

Artist LJ Name: Anonymous until reveals
Title: Fuego
Original Work Name: Bend it Like Beckham
Pairing(s): Harry/Draco
Summary: The boys having a bit of fun playing muggle football
Rating: G
Warning(s): none

Link: Fuego

Why I love it:
This artwork is just so perfect! The boys are playing football against each other, in a rather familiar competitive way. They have these perfect team uniforms in Slytherin and Gryffindor colours and they look awesome in them. The artist has managed to bring so much movement and life into the drawing, it looks like a still from a football match. And their bodies are so perfectly toned and their poses looks so playful yet full of purpose. I love it so much. I mean it, go take a look if you haven't already :D
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A lot of you have probably already seen this, but this week the amazing [ profile] dustmouth made a prompt post and yesterday she published the results! She made this lovely, wonderful drawing for MY PROMPT!! :D I requested Harry and Draco eyeing each other surreptitiously at an event. Look at their amazing faces! And the clothes and all the great details! I love it so much!! You can see the rest of the fantastic pieces here. She usually flocks her posts, but is keeping this one unlocked for a little while. So hurry over there and look! There are some really awesome drawings there!



And since this is my first rec post ever, I want to add another one too. Lovely [ profile] idikehaine makes prompt posts every now and then, and last month she made a hot and funny comic for my prompt! I prompted her with Harry and Draco being late for something, but distracting each other. The result was sexy and hilarious and I LOVE it!! Look at it here, isn't it just awesome?!


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